Product innovator, venture builder,
tech founder.

Creative product innovation & technology professional developing hardware products and digital services for the construction, renewable energy and space industry.


I collaborate with companies to discover, validate, and execute new products and business ventures aligned with their technology and customer demands. My track record includes founding several innovative companies such as Ecocapsule and Nice Visions, as well as co-founding Vytahconf, a prominent space business conference in the CEE region.
I have delivered successful and innovative products and services that have helped organizations achieve their business objectives. If you are in search of a skilled leader to drive your next project, I would be delighted to explore how I can contribute to your success.


During my career, I have developed many market-driven products. Here is a short overview:

Solar Tiles
A customizable facade system that produces renewable energy. It is engineered for urban areas where design and visual appearance are as equally important as energy production, such as city centers, historical buildings, or even bespoke villas. It is a fusion of ceramic tile aesthetics and solar energy production.

VytahConf is a bi-yearly space business conference that is aiming to boost the Slovak and Central European space industry and bring more people into the space industry in the CEE region.

A successful VC-funded hardware startup that delivers sustainable off-grid micro houses for hospitality use. It is one of the first tiny houses to achieve a global presence. During its launch, Ecocapsule went viral and caught the attention of media outlets around the world.

Shared Launch
Shared Launch is a digital platform that bundles individual CubeSat missions into larger groups in order to reduce launch and operational costs for the mission operator.

Message2Space is an educational project that motivates users to directly interact with space technologies. It is an end-to-end messaging platform that utilizes existing ground station infrastructure to send personalized messages to the stars and beyond.


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